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Creator "resets" mass event to show who's really in control

Tribes gather to support Standing Rock against pipeline

BISMARCK, ND-In mid-August, the U.S. government gave final approval for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which when completed will run for 1,172 miles to transport... — Updated 09/9/2016

Canada apologizes to Dene

TADOULE LAKE, MB-The Canadian government formally apologized to the Sayisi Dene on Tuesday, August 16, when Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett issued an... — Updated 09/10/2016

Sandy Bay First Nation youth experience the Ark Encounter

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY-On August 6, 2016, a team of eight people from Sandy Bay First Nation in Manitoba, set out very early in the morning to travel 2000 kilometers (almost 1243 miles)... — Updated 09/9/2016

Carrying the voices of our people to the masses

When I was growing up in Pine Ridge we were shown only a few pathways to success. We were told to go out and get an education and then return home to help our people. For those of... — Updated 09/9/2016

Relational Chaos, Sanctuary and Connection

"We walk this road in trouble with an ache inside our souls We can't hide it with religion, we can't buy it off with gold And the pleasures we all reach for they're just masters of ... — Updated 09/10/2016


Did you ever feel like someone stomped on your chest, trampling on your heart? Ever feel all alone and no one really cares? As a single mom with young children and pre-teens, Ruth Kathleen Smith (Laughing Water) felt that way.... — Updated 09/9/2016

The Hope that can come to you

Small beginnings Born on the Onondaga Reservation near Syracuse, New York, my Native name is Laughing Water. We lived on the reservation until I was four. My parents were both... — Updated 09/9/2016

Creator "resets" mass event to show who's really in control

Ya'at'eeh. My name is Mark Charles and I am the son of an American woman of Dutch heritage and a Navajo man. After living on the Navajo reservation for more than a decade, last... — Updated 09/9/2016

Race and Reconciliation-A New Chapter

Evangelicals or those we like to refer to as “followers of Jesus” are sensitive to what we call “God moments”—when circumstances fall together in a way that suggests God is at work in our lives in a fresh way. These... — Updated 09/9/2016

Letters from our readers

I love your publication and what I like is that it gives me ideas on how to help my son who has an addiction he is trying so hard to battle with. As a Mom, I will never give up on him, so I try to help in showing him the stories... — Updated 09/9/2016

Graduates 2016: Two brothers achieve goals by making wise choices

On a hot desert day in rural Nevada, there is excitement in the air. It's May 26, 2016 which can only mean one thing in these parts. Graduation Day! This is the last graduating... — Updated 09/9/2016

NAMMY-nominated flutist and graphic designer Jermaine White Elk

Chippewa-Cree/Dakota Sioux performer Jermaine White Elk recently sat down for a visit to discuss his music and art. A NAMMY-nominated traditional flutist, White Elk is also noted... — Updated 09/9/2016

A fast-paced murder mystery

By James R. Coggins Moody Publishers Paperback If you like mysteries and suspense thrillers, you'll love Who's Grace? by James G. Coggins. It's a fast paced murder mystery with a... — Updated 09/9/2016

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